Reasons why entrepreneurs choose virtual assistants from us !

1. Talented and Passionate Virtual Assistants

An excellent virtual assistant should always be one step ahead of your needs all the time. At Educated Assistant, we understand how important it is to have a great assistant, which is why we offer you well-educated and talented virtual assistants who can handle all your needs. Our virtual assistants have real-life experience in leading companies and you can expect nothing short of the best from them. They are also very passionate and have a great work ethic, hence working with them will be fun and smooth.

2. Great Performance and Delivery Rates

At Educated Assistant, we pride ourselves on being a results-oriented company, and this is a culture that all our VAs believe in. Therefore, when hiring our virtual assistants, you can expect an excellent performance and great delivery rates, which is something all of our clients have come to expect from us.

3. Round the Clock Availability

We understand that business needs can arise at any time of the day or night. That is why we have virtual assistants all over the world who are available round the clock. Therefore, no matter how urgent your needs are, you can always count on our virtual assistants to take care of you whenever you need it.

4. Best Virtual Assistant Tools

At Educated Assistants, our virtual assistants have access to various tools, including subscriptions to cutting-edge software. Therefore, they are able to carry out any tasks you give to them efficiently, saving you a lot of time, and thousands of dollars in the process.

5. Excellent Customer Service

We are one of the best virtual assistant companies for good reasons. One of these reasons is that we have an excellent team that is always ready to provide you with the best customer experience. Whatever you need from us, we guarantee to give you the best. Our services also come with a money back guarantee. If we can’t deliver what we promised, you do not pay even a cent.

6. Transparency and regular communication

At Educated Assistants, we treat each of our clients as family. When you hire us, you can expect nothing less than an amazing treatment. We will be completely truthful with you on all matters, and we will keep you informed of your project at all times. When using our virtual assistants, you never have to worry about being lied to or being left out of the loop.

7. Instant VA replacement

Sometimes, the virtual assistant you hire might not work out. With some virtual assistant companies, when this happens, you have to suffer to the end of your contract. However, at EducatedAssistants, we go out of our way to make sure you are completely satisfied. That is why we offer instant virtual replacement service, replacing your current VA with another one who is more suited for your business and personal needs.

Generating New Ideas, Solving Big Problems !

We are an international premium virtual assistant company that offers a wide range of VA services to our clients. With our dedicated virtual assistants, you can fit more into your day and pay only a fraction of what you would pay a full-time assistant. You also get a huge load off your shoulders, leaving you with enough time to do things you have always neglected. But even better is the fact that our virtual assistants can provide you with quality services that will help to take your company or business to new heights.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Our Virtual Assistant Services

Our dedicated virtual assistants offer a wide range of support services in various fields.

Lead Generation

Our va’s will help you generate more sales by using sophisticated tools. Firstly they will create a prospect relevant to your niche or targeted audience, secondly they will create a template with all the requirements to promote your business and lastly they will send those mails in an organised format so that your audience wont get spammed by your mails.

Data Entry

Logging data into spreadsheets and other software is an important but repetitive task that can get boring and tiresome. With Educated Assistants, you never have to suffer through another minute of this. Our virtual assistants can handle all of your data entry, data processing, and data organizing tasks, leaving you with enough time to handle other important business tasks.

Market Research

When you need to research your competitors, understand your customers needs and preferences, or come up with ways to improve your services or products, we are always ready to help you out. Hire our virtual assistants today and take advantage of their excellent research and report writing skills to create a perfect marketing plan which suits you best.


Hire dedicated virtual assistants and let them help you create the perfect brand for your business. From conducting a brand audit of your organization to helping you design logos for your business, and promoting your brand, our virtual assistants will stop at nothing to help you create a unique and attractive image for your business.

Web design and web development

Creating an online presence for your business is vital, but it is a long process that involves a lot of work. We have an excellent team of virtual assistants who are experienced in the fields of web design and development. Hire these virtual assistants today and let them help you realize your dream of a highly optimized business site.

Technical support associates

We offer professional team to support all your clients through mail boxes and calls. Just tell them your requirements and what sort of issues the client faces regularly and they can tabulate them and create a table of all the client issues and problems. This way you can make your clients happy by providing them instant support.

Social Media

Our virtual assistants are trained in all aspects of social media, from writing tweets, managing your social media profiles, increasing your followers, and so on. Hire them today and enjoy a greater exposure to you and your brand.

Article writing and proof reading

We have a team of certified English professionals who will help you in providing quality articles as well as proof read them in order to make your content look unique and professional. This will result in huge quality boost.


Our SEO experts will help finish all seo related work for you. From onpage optimisation to offpage optimisation, the VA’s will help you build more backlinks or perform any related stuff associated wtih SEO.

How It Works?

  • 1. Give the instructions

    Create a detailed step by step representation of the project for which the VA’s will need to work.

  • Unlock full potencial

    Discuss with the project manager to get best advise of any automation opportunities in your project workflow.

  • 3. Make a cup of tea!

    VA mapping will take place based on the requirements given to the project manager.

  • 4. Get things done!

    4. A Skype group will be created and your VA will start the work.


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Having a good virtual assistant is great, not only for your business but also for your personal life. At Educated Assistants, you can find talented and passionate VA’s whom you can trust with all your business needs. Visit us today and learn what we can do for you and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If we are not convinced with the work of one va can we replace them?

Yes ,you would have your VA replaced within 24 hours from the request time.

2. Can we select the hours a va has to work weekly or monthly?

Unlike other agencies we also have an option to give you a custom offer based on the hourly requirements so won’t overpay.

3. What if a VA discontinues my project in the middle before the VA working hours is complete?

He/she won’t be paid for the whole contract and the payment would be refunded back to you.

4. Are all the VA's pre-trained or they have to be trained?

All the VA’s are trained with basics of all the modules but it is advisable to conduct a round of training about the daily task so that they will manage them efficiently.

5. Can I make my a work on multiple projects apart from the one which he/she was hired for?

Yes once you have hired your VA, you have the option to use them for any of your business needs.

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